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Principles of Customization

Knowing that fixed standard products cannot meet the demands of all the customers, Carlian has established the customization program to tailor to their individualized demands by customizing the products in various aspects, such as “product appearance, functions, performance, safety and stability”, depending on the individualized needs of each customer.

Customization Advantages

Team advantageTeam advantage

R&D and design team with 15 years’ professional experience

The professional team, upon the analysis of the demands, customizes the products and attends to each stage with meticulousness, from appearance design, product structure, function development and mold making, to the embedding of the individualized demands. They create each product to the most sophisticated level through continuous simulations and verifications and with their craftsmanship. Thanks to their mastery of the core technology, all the individualized demands of customers are able to be satisfied.

Production advantageProduction advantage

2,000-sqm production base, enabling delivery of samples within 7 days and of finished products within 22 days

Equipped with a production base of 2,000 square meters, an international production capacity and a complete management system, Carlian is the supplier of many famous car jump starter brands.

Quality advantageQuality advantage

Military product quality, with 30 types of quality tests and 8 layers of protection

Carlian purchases the cells for its products from ATL, one of the Apple’s suppliers, ensuring safety starting from the core parts. The startup performance is guaranteed by the 8 testing stages; the product cells are purchased from ATL, one of the Apple’s suppliers, ensuring safety starting from the core parts; the shell is made from V0 fireproof materials, the highest standard in power supply; the difference between the highest and the lowest temperatures in the limit test reaches 110 degrees; in addition, there are a total of 30 types of quality testing equipment to ensure the product quality.

Service advantageService advantage

7*24-hour service, instant response to customers

Carlian has established the service center to offer 24-hour consultancy services to customers. Problems that cannot be solved by the service staff will be handed over to the technical department and replies will be given to customers after 24 hours.

Steps of Customization


Steps of Customization

Steps of Customization

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