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R&D and Production

R&D Base

Coolbear attaches great importance to the mastery of core technologies and the innovative developments. Ever since its foundation, the company has firmly established the R&D center and set up the team specialized in the R&D of car jump starters by gathering a group of R&D staff members with over 15 years’ experience. The company has also allocated an area from its 2,000-sqm production base as the R&D center so that the team members are able to better focus on the R&D of products. In view of the potential problems of the products in the market, we are implementing the R&D and design based on the users’ needs as well as the market trend. As a result, we have obtained 28 patents in product appearance design, structural design, function development, mould design, software and hardware development, etc. Apart from that, we have conducted detailed and in-depth studies and made design innovations to provide users with a diversity of products that satisfy their individualized needs.

Management Sytem

Coolbear has established a strict and high standard management system for its R&D center to exert standardized management over the entire process of the product development; from the cost budgeting to the cost review of the R&D process; from the plan and design to the management of the R&D center; from the selection to the allocation of the R&D staff members. In addition, there are strict repeated quality tests and evaluations applied before the launching of products and six types of product certifications. All its R&D activities are in compliance with the requirements of the international quality system.

Quality Assurance

While dedicated to the R&D and design and the motivation of product innovations, Coolbear is placing high requirements on itself for the product quality. Seeing that other products easily catch fire due to poor techniques, Coolbear car jump starters are designed with 8 layers of protection in the structure and the circuit, with the built-in protection technology one year ahead of the peers. In addition to the 8 layers of protection, the cells are purchased from ATL, one of the Apple’s suppliers, providing you with safety starting from the core parts. The shell is made from V0 fireproof materials, the highest standard in power supply; the difference between the highest and the lowest temperatures in the limit test reaches 110 degrees; in addition, there are a total of 30 types of quality testing equipment to ensure the product quality. Millions of users all around the world are witnessing the quality of Coolbear products, and the full range of products are insured under China Taiping with a global coverage amount of two million dollars.

R&D Spending

Coolbear’s annual R&D spending accounts for approximately over 15%of its revenues.